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What is inside the member’s area?

Inside the member's area you will get special access where in you can download and play DS games, SNES , and Gameboy Advance games. You also get to enjoy music and movies for your DS.

Can I play the games, movies and anime with my DS Version?

Yes! Our services are compatible with all DS versions.

Can I play the DS games and other games like Super , Gameboy Advance, Sega on my PC?                                                                                                  

Yes! Not only can you play the games on your handheld but you can also play the games on your PC. We would provide you with our application so you can play the games on your PC.

What do I need to transfer the games and what do I need to do in order to play the games?                                                                                                                                  

All you need to do is login to your account and you will receive everything that you need in your member's area. Also you might need a USB cable in order to transfer the games, or you can set up the Wi-Fi in your DS to receive the games via Wi-Fi.

Are DS games compatible with DS lite games?                           

Yes! Both are just the same, and they are compatible with one another.

Are the games full games?

All Homebrew games are offered in full versions with no quality loss or whatsoever.

How do the downloaded games work?                                                                          

It works the same way when your friends share a game via Wi-Fi or you download a demo on booths. The difference is that with our service you can download any games that you want to and any time you want to.

What is the file size of a full DS game?

The file size of a full DS game depends on how big the game is. But normally games are around 16 MB to 30 MB.

How much does it take to download a game? Is it a complicated process?

Searching and downloading a game is not at all a complicated process, and our services guarantee fast downloads even if you use a regular 56K internet connection. Obviously, using a broadband connection will give you a much faster download experience. Most of our games can be downloaded within 5 minutes.

You say I can download movies as well?

Yes. Our members can also download videos, anime, images, wallpapers, Roms for classic games, and also software.

How can I transfer the movies to my DS ?

With our services, you will be able to watch your favorite movies to your PC. You would receive the necessary software and instructions to transfer your movies to your DS.

Can I use your services using a 56K modem?

Certainly.Obviously, the download rate is much lower than the rate of a broadband connection, but you will experience faster speeds than you expect.

What kind of support can I expect?

We have 3 teams of people offering support around the clock and 7 days a week. Inside our member’s area, you can contact us anytime and can submit your questions. You get clear concise answers back in record time.

Is my registration secure and confidential?

Absolutely! Your personal information and email are never shared with any other organization whatsoever – we take confidentiality very seriously. Our registration process and payment pages are 100% secure and managed by clickbank (Internet’s largest informational products retalier).

Does it matter that I connect to the internet through a proxy?

In most cases, no. However, we advise you to contact your network administrator to do the needful, if any change is the network settings is required.

What about firewalls?

We always suggest that you unload your firewall, especially when you do your first search. After that, our software will be recognized by the firewall and either will grant access automatically, or you will need to do it manually.

Do I need any extra software?

Not at all. You will receive everything that you need in your member's area.

How about your refund policy?

A very important matter: We offer a 60-day full refund guarantee. Your satisfaction is a priority and that's what refunds are for. Within the next 60 days after you join us, you can simply contact us and ask for your refund if not satisfied, always including your receipt number so we can locate your payment.

How much time does it take to receive a refund?

We only take two days maximum to process a refund. However, since the charges are always made via credit card, you will probably need to wait until your bank clears the payment back to you. That part is beyond our control.

Will I be billed again? Is this a subscription?

Not at all. This is not a subscription. Memberships are one time fees. Our members are never billed again by us or by any other company, nor are confronted with surprise charges.

*Discounted member services are not eligible for refunds.

Is ds-downloadstaion.com legal?

Our downloads are 100% legal. Only commercial free games are for download! We do not sell and host Licensed games! We are not in anyway affiliated with Nintendo. Downloading is legal but downloading copyrighted works are illegal.


Our downloads are 100% legal. Only commercial free games, movies and music are for download! We do not distribute and host Licensed games or files!
We are not in anyway affiliated with Nintendo. Downloading is legal but downloading copyrighted works are illegal!