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nintendo ds lite

Enjoy DVD movies, video clips, music videos plus more on your DS!

You can transfer films from your computer to your Nintend DS Lite with ease!

Copy your own DVD collection or download Free videos online. We also have converted videos that are DS ready! Meaning you can just download then transfer them automatically in your DS system!

All you need is a DS Lite USB cable or compatible memory stick reader, and at least a

128 MB Memory Card. You will be able to transfer films or Movie Clips from your PC to your Nintend DS Lite!

We have links to thousands of Free Videos for you to enjoy While most of them are from the US and the UK, you can also find english subtitled asian shows and other foreign shows.

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We provide you with the software to convert your movies so that they can be played on your DS. Downloading commercial
or free movies are 100% legal. The list of movies above are for sale and not for download.
Our downloads are 100% legal. Only commercial free games, movies and music are for download! We do not distribute and host Licensed games or files!
We are not in anyway affiliated with Nintendo. Downloading is legal but downloading copyrighted works are illegal!